Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

A bespoke solution to managing your clients’ portfolios with a genuinely personal service, based on your assessment of their attitude to risk and investment objective.


Hawksmoor’s Discretionary Portfolio Management Service is a bespoke solution to managing portfolios for a wide variety of private clients, including trusts and charities as well as individuals, investing directly or through specialist structures such as SIPPs, Offshore Insurance Bonds and ISAs. It is a genuinely personal service based on our core belief that each of your client’s requirements is different.


Each client has a dedicated investment manager, supported by qualified investment assistants and a small administration team. The investment manager will use your assessment of risk and investment objective to build and actively manage a portfolio to match your client’s individual needs and incorporating existing investments wherever appropriate to do so. Your manager will closely monitor the portfolio and, using our disciplined and structured investment process, will ensure it is suitably invested at all times.


We will regularly send both you and your client investment reports showing the performance of the portfolio relative to the appropriate benchmarks or indices.


Your clients’ investments are held in separate nominee accounts so the administration of the portfolio can be handled efficiently, including collecting dividends, distributing income payments, dealing with corporate actions and promptly executing all trades.


We can use the annual ISA and Capital Gains Tax allowances to ensure the portfolio is managed as tax-efficiently as possible. A comprehensive Annual Tax Report is sent to your client or their accountant each year, with all the tax information needed to complete a tax return.