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At Hawksmoor we specialise in providing high quality discretionary management services for Private Investors (and clients of Professional Advisers) including trusts, pension schemes and charities. We also manage Multi Asset Funds-of-funds and a series of risk-based ‘Model Portfolios’ for Financial Advisers.

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Private Investors: As a Hawksmoor client you can expect a high level of service from a reliable and dedicated investment team who are responsive to your needs and committed to the responsible management of your money.

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Professional Advisers:  If you are an Independent Financial Adviser, Solicitor or Accountant, we can work in partnership with you to provide effective solutions to managing your clients’ portfolios.

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Market Update – 22nd November

News: 22 November 2021

It may not be showing at the pumps, but the price of oil has started to fall again, at long last. The reason for the welcome drop is allegedly the spanking new entente cordiale between Presidents Biden and Xi. The relationship between the heads of Earth’s two largest economies has taken an astonishingly abrupt turn for the better.

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Latest article: Interview with Ben Conway - by Professional Adviser

Funds Research

Latest article: Interview with Ben Conway - by Professional Adviser

Tom Ellis, editor of Professional Adviser magazine, interviews Head of Fund Management Ben Conway, who explains why the team no longer look at fixed income as a diversifier in multi asset portfolios.

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Latest article: Every cloud

Thematic Research

Latest article: Every cloud

According to The World Economic Forum we are on the brink of Industry 4.0, a ’Fourth Industrial Revolution’ that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and communicate with one another. Found at the heart of this transformation, cloud technology has a unique position as an enabler for other technologies to flourish.

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Hawksmoor is delighted to support Exeter Chiefs as Player Sponsor for Ben Moon.

Hawksmoor Charities

Read about the charities that Hawksmoor supports through the ‘Charity of the Year’ initiative for each Office.

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