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Portfolio Management Services

How we invest

Hawksmoor’s investment process is based on a global, multi asset, actively-managed style with a rigorous approach to research and investment selection.

We look for the best opportunities across all asset classes and from across the world, with a strong emphasis on value rather than benchmarks. Underlying our investment process is the philosophy that all our clients and investors should expect to receive a net return in excess of inflation over the longer term.

Our investment process is coordinated by our investment strategists and our research team, with its access to extensive third-party research. All our investment managers are involved in the investment process and closely follow the mutually agreed strategy.

How can we help Private Investors?

As a Hawksmoor client you can expect a high level of service from a reliable and dedicated investment team who are responsive to your needs and committed to the responsible management of your money.

How can we help Professional Advisers?

If you are an Independent Financial Adviser, Solicitor or Accountant, we can work in partnership with you to provide effective solutions to managing your clients’ portfolios.

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