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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Hawksmoor’s Vision, Mission and Values statements show what we aim to become as a company, and what we believe are the reasons that we exist as a company.

They reflect our corporate philosophy, identity and character.


Our Vision

To be the most inclusive and sustainable fund and investment manager of choice for clients and staff alike.

Our Mission

To deliver a high-quality personal service accessible to clients reflecting our target market and supported by a comprehensive range of services which reflect our core values and culture. 

Our Values

  • Client Centric: we genuinely care, we put our clients at the centre of everything we do
  • Integrity: we apply integrity, innovation and discretion to everything we do
  • Transparency: we communicate in a clear and transparent way
  • Empowerment: we are inclusive, collaborative and open and we empower our people
  • Positive Impact: we care about having a positive impact in society and helping create a sustainable world

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