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Our Research teams oversee our investment process and the stocks, bonds and funds that we include in our portfolios.

In addition, our Fund Manager team publishes research articles on topics that are of specific interest to investors in our Funds.

It is a virtue of our size that we do not have to have an off-the-shelf view on every investment in the universe. Our process is highly targeted: we are snipers rather than having analytical armies. Instead, we concentrate our efforts on identifying the very best stocks, bonds and funds for our portfolios. Nor do we worry about the composition of stock market indices, believing that size is no guarantee of quality, and we like to think thematically rather than over-analysing shorter-term market noise.

Our focus is on blending quality, value and momentum, to identify attractive investments for our clients.


A weekly financial markets blog written by Jim Wood-Smith, CIO Private Clients & Head of Research.

I love the smell of money in the morning

06 July 2020

Followed by the ‘chuff chuff chuff chuff’ of the rotor blades. Rishi Sunak is in his Apache, Ride of the Valkyries is blaring from the Treasury. Here comes the helicopter money.

The numbers game

29 June 2020

Regrettably the whole numbers thing was designed by somebody with a most peculiar sense of humour. Today’s first little quirk is centred on the peculiar game that is percentages.

Cheque the post

22 June 2020

We can argue until our fizogs have turned a brighter share of woad why it is illogical for equity markets to have performed so astoundingly well over the past three months. It will not change the fact that they have.

Thematic Research

A collection of "bite-sized" research articles exploring a variety of investment themes and opportunities.

Game on

07 May 2020

Even before governments put us all under COVID-19 lockdown, video gaming was one of the fastest growing entertainment sectors. Indeed, in January 2019 the Entertainment Retailers Association announced that sales of games in the UK had for the first time overtaken the combined sales of music and film.

Power to the People

20 February 2020

Ever since the 1926 Electricity (Supply) Act, Great Britain has distributed electricity via a single connected grid spanning the nation: a vast network of equipment and cables for virtually all producers and consumers to utilize. Crucially, for the first time, voltage and frequency were standardized for all stakeholders.

Renewable revolution

10 October 2019

Renewable energy sources have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. The likes of wind and solar power were once viewed as being expensive, inefficient and unable to cater for a meaningful proportion of a nation’s power demands. These notions are being quashed by factors including climate change and falling costs, augmented by an increase in public awareness of environmental issues.

Jargon Busting

The investment world loves a flutter of jargon. It makes commentators sound ever so clever. Yet behind this flamboyant lexicon are often some fairly simple, easy-to-grasp concepts.

Underneath the Arches

Underneath the Arches is our quarterly newsletter for private clients of our Portfolio Management Services, in which we attempt to explain what has happened in investment markets in recent months and to lay out our expectations for the future.

Underneath the Arches: Winter 2020

30 March 2020

Appearances can be deceptive. The statistics will show that 2019 was a golden year for equity investors. Indeed, the majority of markets around the world have recorded gains that outwardly defy logic.

Underneath the Arches: Summer 2019

07 November 2019

It has been exceedingly fortunate that 2019 began on January 1st. The performance of financial markets this year has been deceptively flattered by the plunge in equities towards the end of last year, the nadir of which broadly coincided with the turn of the year.

Underneath the Arches: Spring 2019

24 June 2019

Arguably the greatest challenge of long-term investment is to ignore the short-term. It is also a truism that investment newsletters are written an uncomfortably long time before they are delivered and read. It is therefore inevitable that much will have changed between typing these thoughts and their unruly disturbance of your Sunday cornflakes.

Funds Research

Our Fund Manager Team publishes research articles on topics that are of specific interest to investors in our Funds.

Five Accelerating Trends and How We're Responding

10 July 2020

In recent months, many of the trends we identified in 2018 have experienced a rapid acceleration as a result of the extraordinary reaction to the emergence of COVID-19 from governments and central banks in particular, with global lockdowns becoming the norm. In this article we will explore five of these accelerating trends and how we are responding to the threats and taking advantage of the opportunities that are being created.

Hawksmoor Funds Performance Update: May 2020

20 May 2020

The purpose of this note is not to repeat all we have covered before but to update you on what has happened since March and what the team has been doing.  In this article, we discuss the impact of investment trusts on our Funds' performance, our exposure to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and how our dealing activity differs from the action we took in the last period of dramatic discount widening in 2011.

Coronavirus Impact on Distribution Fund's Income

20 April 2020

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic we now find ourselves in a truly unprecedented environment involving a near-complete shutdown of many large economies across the world. Many companies have recently announced either cancellations or deferral of dividend payments, some landlords are no longer receiving rent and some debt obligations are in danger of not being serviced. In this note we would like to specifically address the impact of the coronavirus on the Distribution Fund’s income.

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