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How we invest

At Hawksmoor we are committed to the responsible management of the wealth entrusted to our care.

This philosophy forms the cornerstone of our investment process and we believe that it is possible to achieve above-average investment performance, without taking on unnecessary risk.

As active managers, we have a rigorous approach to research and investment selection and believe you should expect a net return on your investments in excess of inflation, taxes and charges over the longer term.

We recognise that all our clients are unique, so our experienced and highly-qualified team of investment professionals is focused on providing our portfolio service clients with a highly-personalised service, and our multi-asset fund clients with access to our rigorous investment process.

Portfolio Management Services

Hawksmoor’s investment process is based on a global, multi-asset, actively-managed style with a rigorous approach to research and investment selection.

Multi Asset Funds

Find out about the benefits of our disciplined investment process which has consistently delivered superior risk-adjusted returns for investors since the launch of each Fund.

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