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Sustainable World Portfolio Management Service

A growing awareness of environmental issues and social responsibility has led to an increased appetite for scrutinising how companies make their profits. There is a motivation among investors to see their savings and investments contribute to positive changes in the world, as well as providing them with their desired financial objectives.

Hawksmoor’s Sustainable World Portfolio Management Service allows your clients to align their financial objectives with their commitment to environmental and sustainability issues, and to benefit from the growth opportunities within the green economy of the future.

It is a robust way to make investment choices which support the aims of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement (COP 21).

Replicating our award-winning Discretionary Portfolio Management Service, we carefully build portfolios of funds (and direct equities where appropriate) to satisfy a range of risk profiles and investment objectives e.g. income, capital growth, or a blend of both.

Your clients can access our Sustainable World Portfolio Management Service via a selection of tax efficient wrappers, including ISAs, SIPPs, trusts and offshore investment bonds, with a minimum investment of £100,000.

Our Sustainable World investment research

With a variety of different approaches to ‘ethical,’ ‘responsible’ and ‘sustainable’ investment, it can be difficult to compare the selection criteria for equities and funds that are deemed to be sustainable. It requires extensive research to assess sustainability credentials and to identify attractive investments.

Our award-winning in-house Research team has a rigorous and disciplined approach to selecting sustainable investments. This includes attending regular meetings and updates with the managers of sustainable funds, and conducting in-depth research across the universe of stocks that qualify for sustainable investment.

For our Sustainable World investment services the Research team uses the categories of Impact, Integration and Exclusion:


We look for companies and funds which aim to make a positive impact on the environment and/or society. Examples of these include improving the efficiency of using natural resources, improving healthcare and quality of life, building a more inclusive society, providing financial services to under-served populations, and transforming energy systems to power low-carbon economies. They also include businesses that help companies increase efficiencies in all aspects of their operations.


We look for companies and funds which embrace the best practices of sustainability, including ESG issues. These include businesses that support and educate supply chains, source sustainably, support recycling and closed-loop systems, or improve energy efficiencies. We also look for companies that have employment best practices and engage with the communities in which they work.


We aim to avoid investment in companies engaged in contentious issues. These may include involvement with tobacco, gambling, armaments and harmful chemicals. They also include any association with human rights abuses and exploitation of workforces or supply chains. We will aim to avoid producers of fossil fuels, but will support businesses that help these companies transition to lower carbon and less polluting business models.

There is more information about our Sustainable World Portfolio Management Service in the Useful Downloads section, or you can get in touch with our friendly team using the contact details below.

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