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Vanbrugh Fund wins Money Observer award

We’re delighted that the Vanbrugh Fund has won a Money Observer Fund Award – in the ‘Mixed Asset – Best Lower Risk Fund’ category.

The July issue of the magazine has a 40 Fund Superstars feature, highlighting the ‘most reliable strong performers’ of 2018, and the Vanbrugh Fund took top place in its category, due to its ‘superior risk-adjusted returns over three years.’

Candidates for the shortlist must pass a two-stage quantitative filtering process carried out by Morningstar which ranks each fund against others in the same investment sector, with risk-adjusted returns analysed over 3 years. Money Observer notes that investors in index-trackers are “hostages to fortune” whereas “a good active investment manager should be mindful of capital preservation in the bad times and produce above-average performance when markets are favourable.” Therefore in assessing winners for its fund awards, Money Observer looks for actively-managed investment funds that have achieved consistently good and lower-risk returns over 3 years.

The July magazine also carries a double-page Q&A with CIO Fund Management & Senior Fund Manager Daniel Lockyer, who describes the aims and the focus of Hawksmoor’s Fund Manager team, and explains its multi-asset approach.

About Money Observer magazine:

‘Money Observer is the longest established magazine in the market for private savers and investors, providing readers with high-quality analysis and information on a wide range of savings and investments. For more than 30 years Money Observer has occupied the prime position in the monthly market.’

The magazine describes its readers as ‘intensely loyal to the title and appreciate Money Observer’s well-researched and definitive analysis and opinions, which provides them with the knowledge to make well-informed and profitable investment and personal finance decisions.’

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