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Portfolios Crackling with New Ideas

12th November 2021

We have been incredibly busy with research for the past few weeks. Don’t worry, we are not one of those teams who are constantly talking about how busy we are, how hard we work, and asking everyone to “please feel sorry for us” or admire our dedication!

We do go through fallow periods when new ideas are hard to come by, and in those periods looking after the portfolios is about double-checking all is well with what we do hold. What is truly exciting is that we are currently experiencing a bumper harvest of new ideas. This requires lots of due diligence (DD) and hard work to get comfortable with them. We thought it was worth sharing with you a few of the ideas we are especially excited about.

  • After a period in which we largely stood aside and watched from the side-lines (although we did the required DD) the extraordinary volume of investment trust issuance, we have been excited by two recent soon-to-IPO trusts, where we see merit in potentially joining in at launch. Regular readers of these blogs, and supporters of HFM will know we tend to shun investment trust IPOs. So it has been gratifying to see some brokers / investment managers / Boards actually address the “why bother at IPO” question. You’ll hear more from us on these opportunities shortly.
  • We have recently bought into Weiss Korea Opportunities – a portfolio of Korean preference shares we purchased via an investment trust trading at a discount. The preference shares trade at a deep discount to the ordinary shares (you give up voting rights and they are less liquid) but they offer an attractive yield. There are good reasons to believe the underlying discount of preference shares to ordinary shares will start to narrow. Recent large purchases from those managing the trust are a good sign also.
  • We have uncovered a cracking manager of a small fund that specialises in scouring the under-researched parts of US equities. It is the first purchase of a US equities fund we have made in many years.

These ideas (which don’t represent an exhaustive list) represent many parts of our process. Specifically: investment trust expertise giving access to fantastic asset classes that diversify our portfolios and offer attractive returns, engagement with Boards bearing fruit, nimbleness to react and take advantage of smaller investment trusts in niche areas and finally, discovering the very best active fund manager talent in small open-ended funds that larger funds cannot access without owning too much.

Even as liquid bonds and equities pose problems for investors with their expensive valuations and high correlations, and even as macro investors fret over the transitory-or-not nature of inflation, we are delighted to be able to uncover idiosyncratic cheap assets that contribute to diversified portfolios that should help our Funds meet client objectives (i.e. generating real returns after charges) whatever happens to inflation.

Ben Conway – Head of Fund Management

Ben Conway

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