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Capstone Portfolio Management Service

Is it for me?

Hawksmoor’s Capstone Portfolio Management Service is a service for smaller portfolios, based on our Multi Asset Funds. If the value of your investments is below £100,000 it may be a good option for you.

How does it work?

Depending on your investment objective and agreed level of risk, your portfolio will consist of holdings in one or more of Hawksmoor’s three managed Multi Asset Funds, blended to meet your individual requirements.The Capstone Portfolio Management Service is particularly suitable for smaller portfolios where it might otherwise be difficult to achieve a sufficient diversification of investments, due to the smaller amounts involved.

The chart below gives an idea of the relative ‘risk’ of each of the three Hawksmoor Funds. It shows the permitted range of exposure to equities (the most ‘volatile’ of the major asset classes) for funds in their respective IA (Investment Association) fund sectors.

You can find the current asset allocation, and equities exposure, in the Vanbrugh Fund, Distribution Fund and Global Opportunities Fund monthly Fund Factsheets (in the Useful Downloads sections).

As with all our Portfolio Management Services, if your portfolio is managed under the Capstone Portfolio Management Service you will have the full benefit of our disciplined investment process.

Anything else I should know?

The Capstone Portfolio Management Service is suitable for trusts and charities, as well as individuals – and can be used within tax-efficient structures such as SIPPs, offshore insurance bonds and ISAs.

How can I find out more?

You can download the Capstone Portfolio Management Service brochure from the Useful Downloads, or get in touch with one of our friendly team (below).

Get in touch

Andrew Little

Senior Investment Manager

Exeter Office

Tel: 01392 410180

Email Andrew

Chloe Alessandrelli

Investment Assistant

Exeter Office

Tel: 01392 410180

Email Chloe

Rebecca Fournier D'Albe

Senior Investment Manager

Taunton Office

Tel: 01823 218453

Email Rebecca

David Evans

Senior Investment Manager

Dorchester Office

Tel: 01305 236000

Email David

Simon Atherton

Senior Investment Manager

London Office

Tel: 020 3948 4920

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Max Weatherby

Senior Investment Manager

London Office, Bury St. Edmunds Office

Tel: 020 3948 4920 / 01284 332600

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