Capstone Portfolio Service

Hawksmoor’s Capstone Portfolio Service is a bespoke, discretionarily-managed service, primarily aimed at portfolios where it is otherwise difficult to get a sufficient spread of sensibly sized holdings.


The Capstone Portfolio Service involves a core or ‘capstone’-like holding in either or both of Hawksmoor’s managed funds-of-funds, The MI Hawksmoor Vanbrugh Fund and the MI Hawksmoor Distribution Fund (depending on the required investment objective and risk profile), together with holdings in several other funds to ‘bespoke’ the overall portfolio for your specific investment objectives. Just as our other services, portfolios managed under the Capstone Portfolio Service have the full benefit of our disciplined investment process.


The Capstone Portfolio Service is suitable for all kinds of clients – trusts and charities, as well as individual private clients – and can be used within tax-efficient structures such as SIPPs, offshore insurance bonds and ISAs.