Ethical Portfolio Management Service

Responsible and Sustainable Investment for a Better Future

Ethical investment is one of the fastest growing areas of investment management. Increasingly clients are associating the quality and sustainability of returns from their portfolios with the behaviour of the companies in which they are invested. It is our view that over time ethical investment will cease to be an optional extra and will become the default option for many clients.


Are your clients already concerned about how companies they are invested in make their profits? Do they feel uneasy about benefitting from the sale of tobacco, alcohol and armaments? Or from companies that manufacture dangerous chemicals, or that support the nuclear industry? Do they believe that businesses should be encouraged to invest, sometimes not for profit but for the longer-term benefit of the environment? If so, Hawksmoor’s Ethical Portfolio Service could be the answer.


Replicating our award-winning Discretionary Management Service, our Ethical Portfolio Service is designed to satisfy a range of risk profiles and investment objectives. Investing ethically does not necessitate taking additional risks, nor sacrificing performance. We carefully build portfolios of ethically screened funds (and direct equities where appropriate) to match the risks your clients are prepared to and can afford to take. Portfolios are designed to produce income or capital growth (or a blend of both) dependent upon your requirements.
The Ethical Portfolio Management Service can be accessed via a selection of tax efficient wrappers, including ISAs, SIPPs, trusts and offshore investment bonds.


Key Risks

You should be aware that the universe of stocks that qualifies for ethical investment is smaller than the overall market. As a consequence, the performance of portfolios may deviate more from the overall market than if the managers were to choose from every stock.


While we conduct due diligence on the funds included in portfolios, we cannot guarantee at all times that the funds will not hold stocks that engage in controversial activities.